Spun gourmet all natural fairy floss



We have a lot of lovely people tell us how much they love our fairy floss. We thought it was about time we shared some of their comments with you.

Best tasting fairy floss I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Saw the enticing package at In A Pickle at Camp Hill (the pure white floss looked so inviting) and decided to take the plunge. Absolutely sensational. Can't wait to try the other flavours.


My bubblegum spun vegan fairy floss came today. I ated it all! Sooooo good and the best part is, that I have IBS and so I cant have preservatives or additives, so I can't have regular lollies. I can have this fairy floss as a treat and not suffer from it!! Will def be ordering more if you keep selling! cheers JEN ♥

Jen Collyer

I discovered your lovely brand when I went to Queensland to visit some relatives on the Sunshine Coast. They took us to the market, where you guys had a stall and I was simply blown away by the taste of the coconut fairy floss! I tried to make it last on the trip back to Victoria, but everyone loved it so much that it couldn't even last 10 minutes!

Tegan Haberecht

Hi we are in Melbourne and were given a sample of you wonderful fairy floss at the Target toy sale and it was the best thing I have ever tasted!! Can't wait till we are able to buy it here or have it posted :)

Jayne Pearce

Oh, oh, oh - tried your fairy floss at the Maleny FoodFest and am in lurve!!!!  Fairy floss for grownups.  I can see so much potential for dinners and parties.  Love it!

Wendy Dooley

Found you at the Kawana Markets. Been in love with your Floss ever since. Normally I couldn't go near Fairy Floss because of all rubbish in it - but your beautiful product - I can eat!!! Yumm!!!

Robyn Matthews

I found the website from one of the tubs that I got whilst in the Caloundra markets. Can't wait for the online store so I can order more!!! It was amazing!

Simon Darmanin

We went to the our first Kustom Kraft market just because we were wanting to meet you and try your floss! It was so much more spectacular than we imagined and it was so lovely to meet you and take home your gorgeous floss! We then meet up with you again at Greazefest and almost bought you out of mocha and I think we took 12 tubs home that day! Then we were again stoked to have our own stall at the last Kustom Kraft market and were placed right next to your stall and got know you both just a little more! We think both you Paul and your lovely wife Genevieve are wonderful and you work so hard! We want to hire you for our wedding to do a special mix to suit our tastes! We look forward to organising this with you and we will be at as many events that you are at just to stalk your stall again and again!!! <3

Emma and Justin from Rag Top Vinyl! xox


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